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Supercharge your business with the endless benefits of
Google Workspace. Some of which are:

Collaborative Power

Collaborative Power with Google Workspace transforms teamwork by integrating seamless communication, real-time collaboration, and powerful productivity tools, fostering a dynamic and efficient work environment.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication, epitomized by Google Workspace, seamlessly integrates real-time communication tools, collaboration platforms, and productivity apps, fostering efficient teamwork and streamlined workflows for enhanced productivity.

Cloud-Powered Storage

Cloud-Powered Storage seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace, offering secure, scalable, and accessible data management. Experience effortless collaboration and flexibility with this innovative solution for efficient digital storage.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security in Google Workspace fortifies digital ecosystems with advanced protective measures, shielding sensitive data from cyber threats. Robust encryption and continuous monitoring ensure comprehensive defense.

Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling in Google Workspace streamlines time management, enhancing productivity by intelligently coordinating appointments and tasks. Efficiently plan your day, maximizing collaboration and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

Customized Branding

Enhance your brand identity with Google Workspace's Customized Branding features. Tailor logos, colors, and themes across your business tools, ensuring a cohesive and professional representation of your brand. Everything Customizable for User End

Google Workspace Products

Google Workspace Products encompass a suite of collaborative tools, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. Designed for seamless communication and productivity, these cloud-based applications redefine workplace collaboration, fostering efficiency and innovation.

Google Workspace Pricing Plans

Try Google Workspace for 14 days

Get professional email, online storage, video meetings and other business tools to transform the way you work.

Business Starter

per user/month, 1-year commitment
136 Monthly
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 100-participant video meetings
  • 30 GB pooled storage per user*
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support

Business Standard

per user/month, 1-year commitment
736 Monthly
  • Custom and secure business email
  • 150-participant video meetings + recording
  • 2 TB pooled storage per user*
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)
Most Popular

Business Plus

per user/month, 1-year commitment
1,380 Monthly
  • Custom and secure business email, plus ediscovery and retention
  • 500-participant video meetings, plus recording and attendance tracking
  • 5 TB pooled storage per user*
  • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard Support (paid upgrade to Enhanced Support)


  • Custom and secure business email, plus ediscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption
  • 1,000-participant video meetings, plus recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live streaming
  • 5 TB pooled storage per user, with ability to request more*
  • Advanced security, management and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions and Enterprise endpoint management
  • Enhanced Support (paid upgrade to Premium support)

Business Starter, Business Standard and Business Plus plans can be purchased for a maximum of 300 users. There is no minimum or maximum user limit for Enterprise plans.

Google Workspace customers may have access to additional features for a limited promotional period.

  1. Offer available to new Google Workspace customers only. This introductory price is only available for the first 20 users added, for 12 months. Standard pricing will apply to all users after 12 months. Actual price per user may vary by up to ~0.01% due to rounding. Final price will be shown before completing sign-up.

  2. Google Workspace provides flexible pooled storage per user that is shared across the organisation. Visit our Help Centre to learn more about getting additional storage for your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to link Google Workspace with other business tools?

Yes, Google Workspace integrates seamlessly with a wide range of third-party applications and services. You may integrate Google Workspace with your CRM systems, project management tools, document signing platforms, and other applications to improve workflow and efficiency.

Can I use my mobile device to access Google Workspace?

Without a doubt. Google Workspace provides mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that allow you to access emails, files, and calendars and participate in video meetings while on the road.

How does Google Workspace enhance collaboration?

Google Workspace facilitates real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Multiple users can edit and co-author files simultaneously, providing a seamless collaborative experience regardless of location.

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