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Email Automation automatically sends marketing and sales emails or action-triggered emails to contacts or leads with relevant information

What you can do on Google Cloud Platform

Emages Soft Services, a Google Cloud Platform Partner in India, is dedicated to assisting global customers in advancing their businesses by rendering their IT inconspicuous. Whether it’s consultation, deployment, or support, Emages Soft Services can guide you through all stages of your transition to the cloud. We specialize in helping you embrace, manage, and optimize your cloud solutions.

Websites & Web Apps

Leveraging Google Cloud Platform's services and infrastructure empowers you to create and launch resilient, scalable, and globally accessible applications and websites, whether you're building a multi-tiered web application from the ground up or hosting a static website.

Contacts and Global Address Book

The Global Address List is a searchable directory of all the users, groups, shared contacts, and resources that make up your business email domain. Locating a user in your company becomes easy with the primary email address of each user in the domain, as well as the user’s email aliases or nicknames.

Development & Test

The inception of any application begins with development and testing. Google Cloud Platform offers the flexibility to experiment rapidly, allowing users to iterate without upfront expenses or the delays associated with hardware procurement.

Big Data

In the contemporary landscape, applications are producing unprecedented volumes of data at an accelerated pace. Google Cloud Platform offers a suite of products and services designed to efficiently and affordably collect, ingest, and analyze this data with speed and precision.


Google Cloud Platform provides the infrastructure and services necessary to create highly scalable games that delight your customers, eliminating the need to manage IT infrastructure and make upfront financial investments.

Internet of Things

Google Cloud Platform equips you with the resources to expand connections, analyze and interpret data, and deliver dependable customer experiences essential for hardware devices.

Let’s do it

From cost optimization to cloud migration, machine learning and CloudOps,
we’re here to make the public cloud easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google, providing a range of infrastructure and application services for developers, businesses, and organizations.

What services does Google Cloud Platform offer?

GCP offers a wide array of services, including computing, storage, machine learning, data analytics, networking, and more. Popular services include Compute Engine, Storage, BigQuery, and Cloud AI.

How can I get started with Google Cloud Platform?

To get started, you can sign up for a Google Cloud account, and then access the Console to create and manage resources. GCP also provides extensive documentation and tutorials to guide users.

What are the advantages of using Google Cloud Platform?

GCP offers scalability, flexibility, and a global infrastructure, enabling users to run applications and store data efficiently. It provides advanced analytics, machine learning capabilities, and integrated services for various use cases.

How does billing work on Google Cloud Platform?

GCP operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Users are billed based on their actual usage of resources, and detailed billing information is available through the Google Cloud Console.

Can I migrate my existing applications to Google Cloud Platform?

Yes, GCP supports application migration through various tools and services. The Cloud Migration Center provides resources and best practices for migrating workloads to Google Cloud.

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